About us

Heptomino (H7O) is a dedicated team of experts focused on the development of games and applications targeting modern mobile devices.

Technology is our passion. To gain a full control over constantly changing technological landscape we decided to build our own software development platform: Virtua Game Engine (VGE for short), on which all our products rely.

Our mission is straight and clear: we want to deliver high quality software for modern mobile platforms through our products and services.

Our strategy focuses on reusing VGE software library: a central synergy node of our business. VGE provides robustness, portability and technological consistency of H7O’s applications. It’s cross-platform nature allows us to spread our software very easily between multiple operating systems.

Our vision is to make Heptomino recognisable brand on a global market of mobile software providers and to promote our technology, so it would be considered as a leading solution within its class.

We want to achieve these goals to carry out our plans and dreams of building a friendly and resilient organization focused on creating software solutions for making word a better place to live in.

In the legal sense Heptomino is a brand owned by 3EN Sp. z o.o.